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Since 1954 Kessler Corporation has assisted inventors worldwide In offering their inventions to manufacturers for license or sale.
We are extremely proud of our over 62 years of working with inventors. Our primary objective is to provide the inventor with a professional means of getting his or her innovative product in front of the “right” manufacturers.

We do everything from preparing the product presentation to submitting it to prospective manufacturers and handling negotiations; all of this is accomplished under our clients supervision and with his or her approval.

The fact that we have been in business so long is important to you as an inventor, because it attests to the stability and reputation of our company. It is no secret that there have been any number of so-called “invention companies,” that have come and gone during this period because they were high on cost, long on promises, and short on delivery.

Inventors come to Kessler Corporation, from all over the world, to have us submit their inventions to manufacturers in the United States. In addition, manufacturers contact us monthly advising us of inventions they are interested in considering for licensing or buying outright.

We have been fortunate enough to have been featured and named in the local and national press. Investor’s Business Daily, mentioned our experience negotiating for inventors. The Patent Law Association of Chicago, attorneys who specialize in patents and inventions, stated that Kessler Corporation is one of only a few bona fide inventor services. We are active in the Chamber of Commerce and have provided numerous programs for independent inventor organizations.

Over the years, Kessler Corporation has become the inventors’ “household name”. Clients employ us form all over the free world. Manufacturers write us regularly to advise us of the type of inventions of interest to them.

There is no substitute for the experience that comes with Kessler Corporations years in the business -experience that we put at your disposal when you employ us.

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Kenneth O. Kessler  1909-1990

Kessler Corporation was founded in 1954, by Kenneth O. Kessler in Fremont, Ohio. His sole purpose was to provide a valuable service for independent inventors and research organizations.

Mr. Kessler’s earliest experience with preparing submission materials for inventors began years ago as a young copyrighter in an advertising agency. Inventors frequently employed him to write descriptions of their inventions that they could use to submit their inventions to manufacturers.

Some years later it occurred to him that this was a technique inventors wanted, help with the submission of the inventions to manufacturers and to build a mailing list of manufacturers that would be categorized for each inventor’s type of invention. This is when Kessler Corporation was formed in 1954.

As our reputation has grown with the passing years, we are pleased with the personal recognition our work has brought us as we have been quoted quite widely in national publications on the subject. Mr. Kessler co-authored the book, The Successful Inventor’s Guide, published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Popular Science Book Club chose it as a Book-of-the-Month selection and The Library Journal named it “one of the 100 best technical books of the year.” We wouldn’t be truthful to not admit we are pleased with all the recognition.