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Our Services
The Way Your Invention Is Presented To Manufacturers Is Very Important
Whether you employ us or you do it yourself, there is a very specific technique that should be followed. The preliminary descriptive material should be brief and to the point, so a manufacturers new products department will instantly get an idea of what your invention is an what purpose it serves.

In our own case, we have been doing this work for over 60 years and have accrued the names of manufacturers in almost every product line. Hundreds of manufacturers have requested us to place their names on our list. However, in addition, we are constantly compiling additional names through directories, trade publications, and manufacturers associations. Our broad knowledge of manufacturers is an important part of our service.

How We Can Help You
Unless you have the time and experience, trying to do the job yourself is difficult. So this is how we can help you, by providing our services to you, but please understand, we are not “promoters,” “developers,” or “brokers”, our service is exactly as we have outlined it below and as it is clearly stated in our Full Service Agreement.

Here is an brief but basic approach of our services:

1.)  Compile information
as it relates to your product and potential product line. 

2.) Study the basic idea of your invention from the drawings and other information you supplied so the descriptive material can be written and prepared.

3.) Compose the basic points of your invention into a professionally written and designed Product Release (aka: descriptive letter).

4.) Produce “Folio” sets of the drawings and specifications for your invention, together with any other materials you might have supplied us with.

5.) Obtain your approval: send copies of the Product Release and to you for your approval, corrections or additions.

6.) Prepare Mailing List: Upon your approval, we select the manufacturers to whom we believe it might appeal.

Prior to your manufacturer submissions, we will send you your list for your files. At this point, you can let us know whether you want us to submit the material to the manufacturers from our office or whether you want to do the submitting/mailing yourself. If you prefer doing the mailings, we will send everything to you in a package, stamped, addressed and ready for you to drop into the mail.

7.) Manufacturers Reviews & Responses: A few days after the product release of your invention arrives at the manufacturer, an individual in the New Products Department will either read it and decide if they might be interested or place your information aside for a review that may involve a team that gathers at a specific time. If he or she believes it has possibilities, they will then write or call to ask if drawings and specifications are available. They may also ask if a model is available.

If a manufacturer becomes sufficiently interested in your invention, they will ask you to submit a proposal for a license agreement or an outright sale.

To Begin Our Services

It is very simple to begin our services. You merely fill in the date and title of your invention on the Service Agreement we provide you with. At the bottom of the Service Agreement, please provide your name and address along with the appropriate phone numbers, fax number or e-mail address. When we receive the Service Agreement and your payment our services will begin by creating your client file, countersigning the Service Agreement and returning a copy to you for your files.

If your product is patent applied for or provisional, we may ask for you to send in a copy, along with any additional information that you feel will help us in understanding the important features of your product. 

Our One-Time Full Service Fee

Because our fee for the full service is relatively modest, inventors frequently ask if we have any additional fees for that service which we might “surprise” them with later. We do not. We would not stoop to such a practice. That’s why, in the Full Service Agreement, our fee is clearly stated for both the technical service and the optional consulting service.

Our Consulting Service

After you become a client by paying our fee and the submissions to the manufacturers we selected for your invention have been made, and if one or more of the manufacturers expresses serious interest in acquiring your invention, you may wish to use our expertise to act as your consultant or advisor to you and/or your attorney in working out the terms of the deal.

Some inventors prefer dealing with the manufacturer directly, without any participation by us, while others want us in the picture because of our many years of experience with manufacturers. It is entirely up to each inventor whether or not to use us for our consulting services which is carefully explained in the Full Service Agreement.

To find out more about our all of our services and to receive our FREE booklet simply click here or call us. This booklet contains valuable information collected over 60+ years that will show you how you can submit your invention or how we can do the presentation for you.

Either way, we believe you will find the information very helpful with regard to your further work with your invention. Of course there is never any obligation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Employ A Firm That Manufacturers Respect

To gain the respect of manufacturers, we have never prepared any material for submitting to them that was dishonest or overplayed. We prefer the low-key approach and it has paid-off in the compliments we have received from many manufacturers. This has given us a degree of respect that pleases us very much. And having been in the business since 1954, most manufacturers know us from receiving our materials all these years. Hardly a month passes without a manufacturer calling or writing us to request that we send them new products.

Check Our Business References

Our personal integrity as well as the reputation of our service, is something of which we are proud, but if you do not know us by reputation, then please check with the Better Business Bureau for our rating or your state Attorney General’s office. 

Naturally we hope you select us for the assistance we can give you; but if you consider another company, make certain it is a firm who will do what they claim they will. There are all sorts of firms in the business. So, by all means, check on all firms you are considering.

Kessler Corporation BBB Business Review