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The Action List

Here is a list of clients whose inventions have received considerable action from manufacturers. We have successfully handled negotiations for some of our inventors*, while others have elected to do their own negotiations with the manufacturers we contacted for them. This list is generated to give you an idea of the product lines that are getting positive attention.

Athletic Stretching Device

by Tardif, M.

interested: Nautilus Corporation

Barbecue Device*

by Krahl, M.

interested: Charbroil Inc.

Sliding Fifth Wheel

by Martin, R.

interested: Fontiane Inc.

Boxing Glove*

by Bolton, J.

interested: Revgear Sports

Mobile Workshop*

by Verbroock, A

interested: Inventor contact

Sunlight Reactive Windows

by Crawford, C.

interested: Kinro Inc.

Automotive Tool*

by Sim, H.

interested: Casey Tool Co.

Medicate Pad

by Phillips, L.

interested: Premier Care Ind.

Fishing Trap*

by Prosol, M.

interested: Tomahawk Trap Co.

Binocular Glasses

by Preuit, T.

interested: Compass Inc.

Response Sys.

by Dorcely, J.

interested: Dell Corp.

Ball and Ladder Game

by Reid, R.

interested: Sportime Inc.

Toilet Paper Dispenser*

by Quimpo, L.

interested: Vandal Products

Tiser Sleeve

by Masamitsu, M.

interested: Refeotec Inc.

Cat Liter System

by Crosse, D.

interested: Texas Recreation

Lever Tool*

by McNat, S.

interested: Black & Decker

Corner Clamp

by Felts, J.

interested: Crain Cutter Inc.

Robotic Sampler

by Baker, J.

interested: Taylor Brass

Razor Mate*

by Hastie, J.

interested: Acure Inc.

Lint Vac

by Schaefer, W.

interested: Access Asia

Ice Scrapper

by Frigard, C.

interested: Hopkins Corp.

Lawn/Garden Handle

by Blessing, K.

interested: Dream Start Inc.

Portable Security Lock*

by Leith, T.

interested: Truck Crane

Garden Tool*

by Wolf, R.

interested: Quicor Products

Training Grenade*

by Ellis, J.

interested: Royal Arms

Please Note: These are a few of
the more active products that
represent a cross section of many
product lines. The fact that these
products generated good interest
does not mean that your product
in the same line will generate the
same interest. Every product is
different -having various merits
and sales possibilities. It is our
hope that this list will give you
an idea of some of our more
successful and/or active products.

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