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From The Desk Of: 

Richard L. Wantz 
- President, Kessler Corporation 


Inventors continue to discover and come up with great new ideas to solve problems or create new product lines. The path from the idea to getting it on the market can be difficult and challenging. The potential rewards are the main driving force behind the inventor, along with the recognition that comes from getting a product on the market.

There has always been a certain amount of admiration and glamour regarding a person who is an inventor. Not everyone has the talent or ability to recognize and solve problems or create new and useful products. For many inventors it is an absorbing hobby that fulfills their creative urge. A hobby that can also be profitable and satisfying.

I continue to be encouraged by manufacturers interest in new products being offered by the private inventor. We receive weekly inquires from manufacturers asking to look at new patents and inventions. The challenge is getting your invention in front of the right manufacturers with material that is clear, concise and to the point. The interest is there if you have the right product. 

For large manufacturers, the private inventor offers products that may be overlooked by their research departments. For the medium size to small manufacturers, many of which cannot afford elaborate research departments, the freelance inventor is vital to their survival and continued growth. 

The challenge facing today’s inventors who want to license or sell their inventions continue to remain the same. They are which manufacturers to contact and with what type of material. Putting informative material in front of the right manufacturers is the only way to know if your invention will be as profitable as you had hoped. 

Inventing knows no limitations as to age or gender. Today’s inventors can be found at home, in the garage, or factory. They can be found in the office, laboratory, and medical facility or on the farm. It is something that can be done anywhere with simple pencil and paper or by using the latest computer technology. 

As long as individuals are endowed with their unique creativity, inventing will never stop. From the beginning of time to today’s modern marvels the world owes its quality of life to the freelance and commercial inventor.