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Here are our thoughts on this valuable piece of legislation:

Inventors are creative and talented individuals who have reshaped the world we live in today. Ken Kessler, founder of Kessler Corporation, discovered that many inventors needed honest help and advice in working with their product in order to attractively and effectively describe their invention. Ken was a copywriter in an advertising agency and often was asked to provide a well-written description of an inventor’s product. With this in mind, Kessler Corporation was then formed in 1954 for the specific purpose of putting together information that inventors can use in offering his or her invention to prospective manufacturers.

Kessler Corporation does not provide “Invention promotion services” within the meaning of the American Inventors Protection Act (35 U. S. C. 297).  Thus Kessler Corporation cannot quantify how many inventors received a new financial profit or received a license agreement as a direct result of the services provided by Kessler Corporation. We have not been affiliated with any invention companies as defined by the American Inventors Protection Act.  Kessler Corporation does not evaluate inventions for commercial potential, nor has it made any such evaluation in the past 5 years.

The inventor can use these prospects and contact them directly or we can do the submissions.  Should a manufacturer express interest, the inventor then makes the decision if he or she wants to negotiate with them, or they can elect to have us do it for them.

Some inventors ask for our help, just as many decide to do it on their own. It’s their choice. We have absolutely no rights to their invention.

The Inventors Protection Act of 1999 is a good law and one that will help the inventor make intelligent decisions and save thousands of dollars frequently charged by the “scam invention development/promotional companies”.

For any service, company or individual working with inventors, The Inventors Protection Act of 1999 is fair and very necessary. Kessler Corporation completely supports it.

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